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Ed Lance

nTier Training (www.nTierTraining.com) is a growing group of trainers personally selected by Ed Lance, who have proven production and teaching experience. We write many of our own books and materials. For a complete list of courses we offer visit www.nTierTraining.com/courses

Please mention that you found us on Trainmark when you contact us. We love this site and would like to continue to support the work!

Ed Lance is the owner of nTier Training (www.nTierTraining.com) and has more than 10 years of industry experience as a developer, project lead, technical trainer and manager. A constant student himself, Ed is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, has a Bachelor’s of Science in Management and Communications and is currently working on a Master’s in Computer Information Technology. He is an independent trainer and works teaching, consulting and speaking at conferences.

Atlanta GA United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
IBM(development)Rational Application Developer (RAD -all versions)100 1000
Java(development)Agile Programming45 1000
Java(development)Struts20 1000
Java(development)ANT25 1000
Java(development)Apache Tomcat50 1000
Java(development)Eclipse - programming, web, plugins100 1000
Java(development)Advanced Java30True1000
Java(development)Intro. To Java100True1000
Java(development)Web Services30 1000
Java(development)EJB (2.x)20 1000
Java(development)EJB310 1100
Java(development)Hibernate25 1000
Java(development)Object Oriented Analysis and Design100 1000
Java(development)Ajax for Java Developers30 1000
Java(development)Groovy for Java Developers30 1000
Java(development)Intermediate Java Training30 1000
Java(development)Jakarta Struts Training20 1000
Java(development)JavaServer Faces Training: Intro to JSF21 1000
Java(development)Java Server Pages: JSP45 1000
Java(development)Software Design: Effective Software Developement 20 1000
Java(development)Spring Framework20 1000
Java(development)JSTL33 1000
Java(development)Spring50 1000
Java(development)XML Using Java10 1000
Java(infrastructure)JBoss: Administering the JBoss Application Server12 1000
Not Vendor Specific IT Management(development)SOA for Managers6 1000
Not Vendor Specific IT Management(productivity)OO Analysis and Design using UML40 1000
Not Vendor Specific Other(development)Hibernate - ORM25 1000
Not Vendor Specific Other(development)Service Oriented Architecture SOA11 1000
Not Vendor Specific Software Development(development)Agile Development Training67 1000
Not Vendor Specific Software Development(development)Spring Framework50True1000
Not Vendor Specific Software Development(development)Agile (Scrum,XP, Lean)50True1000
Not Vendor Specific Software Development(development)OOAD100True1000
Not Vendor Specific Software Development(productivity)Agile (Scrum,XP, Lean)50True1000
Not Vendor Specific Web Development(development)Web Development Using Grails5 1000
Not Vendor Specific Web Development(development)Web Services17 1000
Rational(productivity)OO Analysis and Design using UML and RUP40 1000
XML(development)Introduction to XML30 1000

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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