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C Greg

Houston TX United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
CiscoCCNA Boot Camp Cramsession Study Guide Editor4True800
CompTIAA+ Cramsession Study Guide Editor7True650
CompTIASecurity +4True800
EC CouncilCertified Ethical Hacker32True850
EC CouncilCertified Hacking Forensic Investigator6True850
FoundstoneUltimate Hacking15True850
Global KnowledgeInternetwork TCP IP10 700
Global KnowledgeAdvanced Security Boot Camp Course Developer6 750
LinuxLinux Systems Administration2 750
Microsoft2028 Basic Admin of Windows 20001 800
Microsoft688B Internetworking TCP IP3True700
Microsoft2151 Windows 2000 Network OS Fundamentals2True700
Not Vendor Specific OtherHacking and Penetration Testing17True850
OSSTMM HackingProfessional Hacking3 850
SCPSecurity Certified Network Professional9True750

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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