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Michael Gonsalves

This list accurately reflects my skill set history, but it only begins to suggest the high levels of energy and strong degree of dedication I bring to all projects in which I am involved. It is these qualities, coupled with a solid background in Enterprise and Carrier based switching, technical training, plus organizational, communication, leadership skills and my professional approach to the work place, that are my major assets and my chief selling points to a prospective employer.

I am actively surveying the market for contract positions with an organization where that my skills and experience will be fully utilized. I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution and would readily welcome the opportunity to deliver courses to your customers.
Montgomery AL United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
Alcatel(infrastructure)OmniAccess Wireless25True1000
Alcatel(infrastructure)Switching Bootcamp120True1000
Alcatel(infrastructure)OmniSwitch 6000 7000 8000123True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)Secure Networks50True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)ES Routing115True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)ES Switching115True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)ES Atlas110True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)ES XSR config11True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)Policy Enabled Networks11True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)ES Wireless14True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)ES Dragon IDS5True1000
Enterasys(infrastructure)ES XSR Security 5True1000
Extreme Networks(infrastructure)ENA - ENS Certifications courses30True1200
Extreme Networks(infrastructure)ECF100True1000
Extreme Networks(infrastructure)IPv6100True1250
Extreme Networks(infrastructure)Sentriant AG/NG25True1250
Foundry Networks(infrastructure)Layer 2 3 Config Maintenance25True1000
Foundry Networks(infrastructure)Web Server Switching25True1000
Nortel(infrastructure)Passport 860015True1000
Nortel(infrastructure)Baystack BPS15True1000
Nortel(infrastructure)NNCDE NNCSE data tracks15True1000
Riverstone Networks(infrastructure)RRAC100True1500
Riverstone Networks(infrastructure)RIT100True1500
Riverstone Networks(infrastructure)OSPF10True1500
Riverstone Networks(infrastructure)BGP10True1500
Riverstone Networks(infrastructure)MPLS10True1500

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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