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Guy Hermann

Excellent instructor with 8.92 instructor average on MTM for Microsoft courses over past 5 years. MCT, MCSE (2K and 2K3), MCDBA, MCAD, and MCSD with impressive field experience to bring into the classroom. I take great pride in including "reality" in my training, and making it meaningful to the students. I am also available for consulting.

I am current on all of the Microsoft Developer Platforms, including SharePoint, BizTalk, Visual Studio (C#, VB.Net and C++), Vista, and SQL Server as well as the Infrastructure products like Exchange, IIS, RMS, and Windows Server.

Lake Forest CA United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
Microsoft688B Internetworking TCPIP3True850
Microsoft803B Administering NT 414True850
Microsoft832 System Admin for SQL 712True850
Microsoft833 Implementing a Database on SQL 75True850
Microsoft4793 Intensive Training XML4True850
Microsoft4792 Intensive Training SQL BI6True850
Microsoft4791 Intensive Training SQL 20003True850
Microsoft4790 Intensive Training C 4True850
Microsoft4789 Intensive Training ASP.NET2True850
Microsoft4788 Intensive Training VB.NET3True850
Microsoft2667 Introduction to Programming2True850
Microsoft2663 Programming with XML in .NET2True850
Microsoft2640 Upgrading Web Skills from ASP to ASP.NET1True850
Microsoft2609 Intro to C with .NET3True850
Microsoft2604 Microsoft Security Clinic1True850
Microsoft2565 Developing .NET Applications for Windows1True850
Microsoft2559 Intro to VB.NET with .NET5True850
Microsoft2557 Building COM+ Applications with .NET1True850
Microsoft2555 Developing .NET Apps for Windows C .NET 2True850
Microsoft2550 Implementing MOM3True850
Microsoft2439 Scripting WMI4True850
Microsoft2433 VBScript and Windows Scripting Host5True850
Microsoft2410 Desgning Change and Configuration Mgmt Infr1True850
Microsoft2415 Programming with .NET Framework3True850
Microsoft2389 Programming with ADO.NET6True850
Microsoft2381 Planning Collaborative Slns w Office XP1True850
Microsoft2380 Developing Collaborative Slns w Office XP1True850
Microsoft2379 BizTalk 20008True850
Microsoft2349 Programming with .NET Framework C 2True850
Microsoft2300 Developing Secure Web Applications1True850
Microsoft2159 Deploying ISA 20007True850
Microsoft2154 Windows 2000 Directory Services22True850
Microsoft2153 Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure22True850
Microsoft2152 Windows 2000 Professional and Server22True850
Microsoft2151 Windows 2000 Network OS Fundamentals22True850
Microsoft2150 Designing a Secure Windows 2000 Network12True850
Microsoft2126 Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment14True850
Microsoft2124 Programming with C 5True850
Microsoft2092 Populating Data Warehouse with SQL 2000 DTS4True850
Microsoft2091 Building XML Enabled Apps with SQL 20002True850
Microsoft2089 Planning a Windows 2000 Datacenter Environmen1True850
Microsoft2088 Designing a Highly Available Web Infrastructu1True850
Microsoft2087 Implementing Windows 2000 Clustering7True850
Microsoft2074 OLAP Solutions with SQL 20005True850
Microsoft2073 Programming SQL 20003True850
Microsoft2072 Administering SQL 200011True850
Microsoft2071 Querying SQL 2000 with Transact SQL14True850
Microsoft2063 Intro to ASP.NET3True850
Microsoft2028 Basic Admin of Windows 20002True850
Microsoft2010 Designing a Windows 2000 Migration Strategy4True850
Microsoft1913 Exchanging and Transforming Data using XML2True850
Microsoft2310 Developing ASP.NET Applications14True850
Microsoft2373 Intro to VB.Net4True850

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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