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Alberto Zamora

Miramar FL United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
CiscoCCNA Bootcamp ICND5True700
CIWSite Designer5True400
CompTIAA 10True400
CompTIANetwork 10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2151 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Op10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2152 Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 P10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2153 Implementing a Microsoft Windows 200010True400
MicrosoftCourse 2154 Implementing and Administering Micros10True400
MicrosoftCourse 1560 Updating Support Skills from Microsof10True400
MicrosoftWindows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure Cou10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2150 Designing a Secure Microsoft Windows 10True400
MicrosoftCourse 1562 Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Ne10True400
MicrosoftCourse 832 System Administration for Microsoft SQ10True400
MicrosoftCourse 833 Implementing a Database on Microsoft S10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2126 Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Net10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2010 Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Mi10True400
MicrosoftCourse 1572 Implementing and Managing Microsoft E5True400
MicrosoftCourse 2159 Deploying and Managing Microsoft Inte1True400
MicrosoftCourse 2071 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 wi10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2072 Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 10True400
MicrosoftCourse 2073 Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2010True400
MicrosoftImplementing Solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Ser1True500

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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