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Brent Rose

Tampa FL United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
LearningTreeJava JavaScript Oracle JDBC Perl4True750
Linux Professional InstituteAll distributions20 750
MacromediaCold Fusion MX90 650
MacromediaFlash80 600
MacromediaDirector10 800
MicrosoftASP ASP.NET50 600
MicrosoftC C++30 700
MicrosoftDirectX5 900
MicrosoftVisual Basic Visual Basic.NET50 700
MicrosoftAccess all versions 50True500
MicrosoftSQL Server25 650
MicrosoftOffice all versions 25True450
Not Vendor Specific IT ManagementQuickbooks Peachtree30 450
Not Vendor Specific IT ManagementLegal aspects of IT50True700
Not Vendor Specific IT Managementmotivational training customer service10 600
Not Vendor Specific Networking and CommunicationsSecurity Hack Defend Web Sites10True800
Not Vendor Specific Networking and CommunicationsSecurity Hack Defend Computer Forensics10True800
Not Vendor Specific OtherAscential DataStage10 1000
Not Vendor Specific OtherHIPAA5 600
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentPerl20 700
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentGame Programming20 850
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentSQL50 600
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentData Warehousing10 800
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentGame Programming10 1000
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentXML XSL XSLT25 550
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentCrystal Reports45 600
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentPython Ruby3 650
Not Vendor Specific Software DevelopmentC++ 50 800
Not Vendor Specific Web DevelopmentHTML XHTML30True450
OracleIntroduction to Oracle150True700
OraclePL SQL100True700
OracleOracle Forms and Internet Apps 150True700
OracleOracle Forms and Internet Apps 250True700
OracleOracle Reports30True700
OracleOracle DBA Archtecture Fund. 1 and 2100True700
OracleOracle Backup Recovery Fund 2100True700
OracleOracle Performance Tuning100True700
Sun MicrosystemsJava100True700
Sun MicrosystemsJ2EE JSP EJBs Servlets Patterns90True700
UnixSolaris HP AIX10 700

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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