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Kassie Parker

Simi Valley CA United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
IBMUsing Query 400 42 0
IBMDB2 Query Manager and SQL25 0
IBMInteractive SQL for the iSeries AS 40035 0
IBMAdvanced Interactive SQL for the iSeries AS 4027 0
IBMAccessing the iSeries AS 400 Using SQL37 0
IBMAdvanced Accessing the iSeries AS 400 Using SQL26 0
IBMEmbedded SQL and Stored Procedures for the iSeri11 0
IBMUsing Client Access8 0
Microsoft2090 Modeling Business Requirements to Create a DB8True0
Microsoft2012 Planning Implementing and Manage SharePoint2True0
Microsoft2014 Customizing SharePoint Products 2003 2True0
Microsoft2723 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for Exp. DB Prof4True0
Microsoft2591A Imp Replication Using MS SQL Server 20006True0
Microsoft1585 Gathering and Analyzing Business Requiremen25True0
Microsoft1608 Designing Business Solutions18True0
Microsoft1609 Designing Data Services and Data Models14True0
Microsoft2380 Developing Collaborative Solutions Microsof12True0
Microsoft2381 Planning Collaborative Solutions with Micro7True0
Microsoft1539 Mastering Database Fundamentals with Access12True0
Microsoft1379 Building Client Server Applications Using M11True0
Microsoft1935 Building Solutions with Microsoft Visio 2015True0
Microsoft1912 Introduction to Web Development Technologie9True0
Microsoft1592 Creating and Managing Web Sites Using Front7True0
Microsoft1932 Building a Data Driven Web Site Using Micro7True0
Microsoft1913 Exchanging and Transforming Data Using XML 6True0
Microsoft2389 Programming with Microsoft ADO.NET5True0
Microsoft2071 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Tr15True0
Microsoft2072 Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 10True0
Microsoft2073 Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Da10True0
Microsoft2095 Implementing Microsoft SharePoint Portal S7True0
Microsoft2017 Creating Web Parts for Digital Dashboard4True0
Microsoft2382 Building Corporate Portals Using Digital Dash11True0
Not Vendor Specific OtherSoftware Requirement Styles and Techniques10 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherInformation Modeling and Relational Databases17 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherBusiness Rules and Information Systems12 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherWorkFlow Modeling10 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherBusiness Process Reengineering BPR 13 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherRelational Database Design and Concepts45 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherEntity Relationship Diagramming ER Diagrams 13 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherUsing Structured Query Language SQL 15 0
Not Vendor Specific OtherAdvanced Structured Query Language SQL 13 0

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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