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Christopher Edwards Resume


Christopher Edwards, CISSP

Spring, The Woodlands and Houston, Texas  

Mobile Phone: 713-540-0033

E-mail: cedwards@aopts.com

Secure email: cedwards@isc2.org

Objective:    To allow my experience and skills to be used in the training environment in helping others currently seeking various security certifications. Continuing with current studies, personal growth and upward mobility on a solid career path, while continuing with various industry recognized certifications.

Current:    My experience includes previous company ownership and a position as VP of Sales US, Director of Security Practices and Professional Services. Management experience includes, but is not limited to positions of Manager & Director, VP and CEO managing directly over 80 Systems Engineers Nationally and Internationally, 40 Sales Account Executives Nationally, developing departments from ground zero, including, Master Service Level Agreements, Statements of Work, Customized Security Proposals, etc.  Technical expertise includes extensive knowledge in Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT & NetWare, RedHat Linux, Firewalls, and IDS, with various accompanying certifications.  Currently studying for additional IT Security related certifications.  Specializing in creating Corporate Security Policies, vulnerability and assessment audits and more, involving large-scale global enterprises. Additional Clients include Exxon, Shell, Schlumberger, Chase, Compaq, Flour Daniels, Humana, HP, Veritas DGC and several others.


MBA Northfield University, London, England, 1985 Graduated Magna Cum Laude Studying international business, marketing, etc.  Additional computer related studies at Southern Methodist University (SEAS – School of Applied Science and Engineering) Bellaire, Texas; Cumberland College, Williamsburg Kentucky; Business & Marketing, Computer Science; Houston Community College, and various other vendor authorized training institutes for various enterprise network and application software, Project Management, Public Speaking and Public training.  Additional Computer & enterprise networking studies have been continually taken since then.


ALPHA OMEGA Professional Training Services – “Nov04 to Current”

Director of Training Instructor Development: Brought into to develop prospectus and business needs requirements for technical consulting, network design and implementation, infrastructure security requirements and concerns. Responsible for recruiting and training instructors for security specialties (i.e. CISSP, SSCP, CEH, CHFI, CISA, ITIL, etc.), and to develop Training Brokers for 3rd party Instructors.  Develop various security-training curriculums for customized corporate needs and requirements; advanced and expert levels for ethical hacking, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, network analysis and monitoring.  Develop in house training materials for sales, systems engineering, consulting, and IT Management; corporate policy development, auditing, and modification. Additional Training consulting and service responsibilities.

EB3INC – “Nov 02 to Apr05”

Director Enterprise Security Consulting and Services:  This company was created to allow me to do short & long  term third party consulting engagements for any Corporation needing consulting at the Executive level for corporate espionage, enterprise security, creating corporate security policies, including: vulnerability and penetration testing and audits, intrusion detection, web and email filtering, virus protection, virus prevention, biometrics, anti-hacking, forensics, network infrastructure design & implementation for Multi-Platform NOS to support multi-remote site connectivity (both Wireless and traditional) for e-commerce business solutions, web hosting, merchant accounts, including internal enterprise, intranet and internet security and training, ASP, Database Driven Dynamic Websites (SQL).  Working with Executive staff to launch start-up businesses.  Clients included Exxon Production Research, Check Point Inc., EBIZ Enterprises Inc (JBSI), and additional Private & Corporate entities.   Providing High-Level consulting, Corporate Investigations, as well as detailed projected plans for staged (phases) security auditing, security implementation.  Additional responsibilities include normal business practices of information gathering, analysis, recommendations and decision making, as well as departmental and project analysis for budgeting requirements, personnel requirements, hiring and termination for specific projects, development of Statement of Work, Service Licenses Agreements, project development and planning, as well as project oversight, project analysis, etc.

TIME WARNER / ROAD RUNNER – “Aug 03 to Oct 03

Project Manager/Consultant: Working with Infosys Development Group: Designed, developed & implemented wireless W2K platform, tested, implemented and roll-out network connectivity for 400+ Field Engineers, Supervisors, Managers, and Services Techs for remote login access to increase productivity and shorten customer service response time.  Developed 1200+W2K desktop platforms for various departments and groups (Sales, Customer Service, Outage, etc.), tested, implemented, roll-out for in-house Departments.  Finished ahead of schedule and under budget, was requested to stay and assist with migration and roll-out for MS Exchange and Outlook.  Completed all deliverables and requested assistance ahead of schedule.

Institute for Advanced Global Enterprise Security – “Mar 98 to Dec 03” (Non-Profit Org)

Acting CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Senior Security Consultant:  contracted to develop and edit curriculum and training materials for, “The Security Auditor’s Field Handbook”, which is a comprehensive guide (with accompanying tools on CD) for each of the various aspects of Enterprise Security (i.e.: from Creating a Corporate Security Policy, Stop Gap Implementation, bio-metrics, monitoring, to the end requirement of Fail-Safe Forensics) I have held various positions with this Institute as CIO, CISO, and leading various project and teams for Security Auditing Standards, curriculum development, as well as currently assisting in consulting on various projects.  My main objective is to finish the first of these annual Field Handbooks, while continuing in personal career advancement, education, and advanced curriculum development.  Additional responsibilities include normal business practices of information gathering, analysis, recommendations and decision making, as well as departmental and project analysis for budgeting requirements, personnel requirements, hiring and termination for specific projects, development of Statement of Work, Service Licenses Agreements, project development and planning, as well as project oversight, project analysis, etc.  Multi-platform NOS and varied applications both Microsoft & non-Microsoft

EBIZ Enterprises, Inc. (Jones Business Systems Integrators - JBSI) – “Nov 01 to Nov 02’”

Director of Security Practices & Professional Services: Recruited heavily to set-up form ground zero three new departments: 1) Security Practices – which would consist of developing new product line in building high-end RedHat Linux Security Appliance servers (i.e. Check Point Firewalls, SAVAS, BindView, Blue Lance,Rainfinity – RainWall High Availability Clustering & Rain Connect Business continuity, Web & Email Filtering with Surf Control and Websence, IDS, Penetration testing, etc.)  2) Enterprise Security Practices Professional Services – providing 3rd party non-biased security consulting and services. In addition creating Statements of Work (SOW) to perform security audits, vulnerability auditing & testing, creating Corporate Security Policies, etc. 3) On-site Managed Services for enterprise security, security administration, 3rd party security consulting and audits for our Resellers (VAR/Channels).  Additional responsibilities include normal business practices of information gathering, analysis, recommendations and decision making, as well as departmental and project analysis for budgeting requirements, personnel requirements, hiring and termination for specific projects, development of Statement of Work, Service Licenses Agreements, project development and planning, as well as project oversight, project analysis, etc.  Additional responsibilities included Product Manager for application product development (and problem resolution) with INTEL, RedHat, Check Point, Rainfinity, NetIQ, Websence, Blue Lance, BindView, Surf Control, etc.  Created proposals, MSA, SOW’s, Product Marketing, and did Public Speaking surrounding initiatives and products.  Clients included Schlumberger, Shell, Veritas DCS, and others.  Developed Check Point Appliance Server for OPSEC Certification, SAVAS – Security Audit & Vulnerability Assessment Scan

VERADO – “Jan 01 to Sept 01” (September 11th tragedy forced Layoffs)

Senior Regional Sales & Systems Engineer & Product Manager:  Heavily recruited to provide new security product development and marketing assistance as an experienced senior level Sales & Systems engineer.  Handled Central Region with approximately 35-40 systems engineers and 50+ Experienced Sales Accounts Executives.  Providing high-level (CEO, CFO, CIO) consulting and closing large Managed Services proposals surrounding Mission Critical applications, Infrastructure design and implementation, Enterprise Security, E-Commerce, and Disaster Recovery, Connectivity for DS3, T-1, T-3, OC-12-48, etc.  Developing Disaster Recovery Product package for marketing to push to the sales teams, various other responsibilities surrounding Data Center storage, security, and connectivity.  Worked with Executives at TXU, Schlumberger, Exxon, Enron, EOTT, as well as many other companies looking for an ASP, e-commerce, or e-business solution.  Additional responsibilities include normal business practices of training subordinates in various security applications (i.e. BindView, Checkpoint, Websence, McAfee, Norton AV, Recourse, etc., as well as information gathering, analysis, recommendations and decision making, as well as departmental and project analysis for budgeting requirements, personnel requirements, hiring and termination for specific projects, development of Statement of Work, Service Licenses Agreements, project development and planning, as well as project oversight, project analysis, etc.


Professional Services / Senior Security Consultant & Systems Engineer: Internally recruited to Professional Services for  previous proven experience in establishing and increasing production programs and methodology for brand new VAR/Channels program for resellers & partners.  Responsible for training and mentoring sales teams, consultants and VAR partners (EDS, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Anderson, Consulting, etc.) on presenting and security consulting  for Executive Management CEO's, CIO's, CFO's and Directors of large global enterprises.  Responsibilities included developing and implementing training European consultants, engineers and sales personnel (as well as VAR partners) on technical concerns & issues for “Advanced Security Practices and Global Centralized Enterprise Management.”  Responsibilities including client interface, Senior Project Manager for large-scale implementations of Best Practices for Advanced Security & Centralized Enterprise Management.  Responsible for creating a Best Practices standard to be used as based for various projects involving “Advanced Security Practices,” “Centralized Enterprise Management,” and “Fault Tolerant Issue Resolution.”  This includes:creating process methodology to be a guideline for consultants as well as sales personnel in working with clients needs. Project Managing for analysis, implementation, and creating procedural documentation to move towards Best Practices for Advanced Security Implementation and Centralized Enterprise Management for global networks.  Also training client personnel on best practices for security and global enterprise network administration.    I moved at the request of the company to assist in implementing the largest NetWare & NT site in this region of Europe for client.  Job consists of analyzing & implementation of products on enterprise consisting of over 6,000 NT4 Servers, 8,000 NW Servers, 36,000 NT Workstations, 400 remote sites, plus additional nodes of undetermined proportion.  The objective is to help client (Belastingdienst “Holland IRS”, which is the Dutch equivalence to the IRS for the United States) implement “Best Practices” for centralized enterprise management and advanced security practices of their enterprise network operating systems.  The project was on track and was completed ahead of schedule.  It consisted of two months in Europe with the end result an additional $1.2 million in the software sales, as well as additional consulting services.  Additionally was Project Lead for projects with Compaq ($1.9 million) for Global implementation of Advanced Security Practices, including PAC Rim (Singapore, Tokyo, Sidney.)  Other Global projects included HP for Singapore and France approx. 165,000 nodes+, other large scale projects ranging from 40K nodes to 150K+ nodes can be provided upon request.

Technical VAR/Channels Production Manager – Senior Systems Engineer:  Internally recruited by sales department because of previous executive level sales, consulting and training experience to create, implement and establish new program (from both functional and technical standpoint) with a newly created VAR Team (working with Resellers and BIG 4 consultants. Responsibilities included evangelizing, training, closing sales and on-site project management for technical training of VAR/Channel partner Systems Engineers (for Client-Server Enterprises), as well as management & Sales force.  Define vision, rules of engagement, market, sales, etc.  Aided in increasing reseller profits to over $7 million first year and over $12 million in the second year).  Mainly utilizing my skill-set in implementing co-marketing projects with VARs and train potential VAR personnel or Big 5 integrators, both technical and sales personnel (EDS, Price, Waterhouse, Coopers, Deloitt & Touche, Sarcom, many, many others, etc.) Created training materials, programs for tracking production results from co-marketing, sales training, technical training have internal and VAR Personnel.  Training consisted of sales & technical training of VAR Systems Engineers, sales, and management (from Big 4 companies EDS, PWC, Anderson Consulting, D&T, etc.) regarding implementation of Advanced Security Practices and Best Practices for Centralized Enterprise Management and training for Project Management using BindView products within large Enterprise environments. 

BINDVIEW CORPORATION - May 98’ to Dec 00’(Continued)

Consulting Network Administrator:  Hired and brought in to consult, design and implement new infrastructure and security policies, take network to Gigabit backbone / switch 100 to the desktop.  Responsible for coordinating physical relocation of network, and assisted in managing implementation of new gigabit network infrastructure as company exploded in growth (was 120 employee now and went to over 800 with international offices) also managed network administrators.  Further responsibilities included coordinating vendor bids, implementation budgets and cost analysis for project completion with budgeting, project time allocation and scheduling, as well as resource allocation.  Worked on various departmental related projects (Project Managing on teams as well as individual projects) for deploying newer Windows 2000 Servers, newer NT4 Servers for software, as well as MS Exchange 5.5, SQL, etc., for growing the company in the technical arena.  Assisted in setting up remote offices for newly acquired companies, Curasoft, and Entevo.

Previous Experience:

City of Houston (Derek Consulting)                                                                                             Houston, Texas

Senior Project Manager                                                                                                           Jan 97’ to May 98’

City of Houston- Designing and marketing plan to sale consulting services for technical integration and infrastructure design.  Establish methodology and project outline to move over 30 multi-platform LAN/WAN networks from multiple remote locations into one building.  Create specific task delegation and work-flow documentation regarding fiber connectivity, configurations, protocols, troubleshooting for physically relocation over 130 servers and mini-computers, as well as 300 peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.) and 2,200 clients.  Develop strategy and lay groundwork for Disaster Recovery design and implementation.

Tomball College                                                                                                                                Tomball, Texas

Consultant / MCSE Instructor                                                                                            Jan 97’ to Sept 98’

Microsoft Certified Training- Consultant for implementing, marketing and selling technical training program for IS Professionals, which includes designing curriculum path, training materials, technical writing and design of special courses, development of Train the Trainer as well as instructor for teaching Microsoft NT 4 Certification courses. This position was as an ongoing consultant and trainer (classes are scheduled at my discretion for part time evenings and weekends.)

Computer Professionals, Inc (StaffWare)                                                                                         Houston, Texas

Project Manager / Senior Consultant                                                                           Sept. 97’ to Jan 98’

Exxon Production Research / Exxon Upstream Technical Computing Company (EUTEC)- Consulting of Executive Staff for implementation and establishing a Test Lab and monitoring systems for various departments and common workrooms for upcoming migration and rollout.  Worked on team to review and modify Exxon EPR Corporate Security Policies as well as a liaison and mediator between EPR & EUTEC for project coordination.  Coordinated and tracked the testing of previous and existing versions of varying software, applications and database conversions within the new environment.  Worked with programmers and scriptwriters for various in house programs and databases, SQL Server Administration, NT SMS.  Set up, load, and maintain current base load on test machines.  Resolve incompatible software issues and troubleshoot concerns or issues.  Direct Supervisor for technical project teams (6 managers responsible 4-6 additional team members) for rollout system identification & client interviews, and migration implementation.

RHI Consultants                                                                                                                         Houston, Texas

Project Manager/Systems Engineer                                                                                            June 97’ to Sept. 97’

KTEC Electronics - Project Manager/Windows NT4 Administrator.  Setup and established a Conversion Project from NetWare 4 migration to Windows NT 4, SQL Server Administration for database conversion, setup and establish Microsoft Systems Management Server 1.2.  Documented existing environment.  Created Corporate Security Policies for domain Groups & User accounts, physical access, security breach, etc. Setup, installed and configured 5 NT 4 Servers for Domain (2 remote sites), transferred data, and users (approximately 1,000 workstations), established profiles, printer queues, shares, rights & privileges, etc.  Created step-by-step documents for technicians to use for conversion, established help desk structure to fit corporate need. Project Manager for implementation of Cheyenne Disaster Recovery, Arc Serve Backup.  Turned down position offered by Parent Company KENT Electronics.

Adecco Technical                                                                                                                                         Houston, Texas

Systems Engineer/Consultant/Manager                                                                               Oct. 95' to June 97'

Exxon Chemical Corporate Headquarters - Project Manager & Executive Consultant for Global Technical Support, Helpdesk, conversion & rollout coordinator, software & hardware analysis and upgrades.  On team to install & train Remote Key log-in for traveling Executives Windows NT 3.51, Windows for Workgroups, MS Office.

Southwestern Bell – Managed team for hardware and software support, on-call technical support, break fix response team.

General Electric Power Systems - On call Systems Engineer, Microsoft NT 3.51, Windows 3.X & Windows 95, GroupWise - Hardware & software support, break-fix response team, set up new accounts, defined secured policies, printers, installs, upgrades, etc.

Nations Bank - Assistant Project Lead for Windows 95’ rollout.  Setup and reconfigure new workstations to boot to secured NetWare 4 environment, defined user security policy, etc. 

Chase Manhattan/Texas Commerce - Project lead Systems Engineer and consultant for technical support takeover when Chase Manhattan purchased Texas Commerce Banks.  Consulted on implementation methodology for migration and enterprise merging, Team Lead in creating security policy compliance.  Systems Engineer for enterprise support of Novell 4, software & hardware support for multiple O/S’s (Windows 3.X, Windows 95, Windows NT4), Break-fix Response team, Technical Support, Software installation & upgrades, configuration, Extra configuration, etc.

Fidelity Indemnity - On call Systems Engineer & Network Administrator for NT4 Environment.  Supported desktop users and setup HP printers, software installs, etc.

Ford Credit Company/Lockheed Martin - Project Manager for implementation of hardware & software upgrades, setup and test new drops & workstations, etc.

Petro Consultants - Managed setup, configure, install, upgrade conversion from Novell 3 to NT4 network, plus workstations.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital - Project Manager for application integration & conversion from Novell to NT4, Windows 95, database conversions, multiple intense detail application conversions for all Medical Departments, Coordination of Departmental rollouts, supervision of security policy compliance, application testing, documentation, and integration, etc.

Intertel - Project Manager in startup joint proposals with Intertel in Telephony & Networking via Internet.

***Systems Engineer & Consultant for various other sights and contracts with Adecco Technical & Decision One.

New Horizons, Computer Learning Center                                                                                 Houston, Texas

Corporate Training Instructor                                                                                              Jan 95’ to Oct 95’

Technical training for Southwestern Bell, Best Waste, Brown & Root, Methodist Hospital, U.S. Naval Reserve, Landmark Graphics, and numerous other Corporations.  Was an Instructor for Corporate training on Microsoft applications.  Customized training for clients compiled and wrote training manuals regarding security policies, policy compliance, user account administration, etc.  Have taken and certified in Train the Trainer, Installation, setup and configuration for MS Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 & NT4, instructed Excel 5.0 and 7.0 beginning, intermediate & advanced levels, MS Office 95, Windows 3.1, 3.11, and 95', Word 6.0 and 7.0, PowerPoint, Access, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and various other applications.

UBM Computers                                                                                                                           Houston, Texas

Consultant, Corporate Sales                                                                                                            Feb. 94' to Jan. 95'

Consultant for Corporate clients with systems, networks, hardware, software and upgrades.  Designed networks, created Security Policies for SMB market, customer support, helpdesk, Microsoft solutions, and PC implementation for corporate clients.  Webmaster, Internet specialist, Website Design, HTML, marketed idea and created website for Internet commerce. MS Windows 95. Very knowledgeable in current hardware specifications and industry advances. Consulted client for Network solutions, Server/Client, Novell 3 & 4, Microsoft NT 3 & 4, Windows 95, Single & Multiple Domains, WAN, LAN, specifications and requirements, rollout specifications, security policy compliance, client training, custom software, etc.

International Laundry Machinery, Inc.                                                                                           Houston, Texas

Regional Vice President, Sales                                                                                            Dec. 88' to Feb 94'

Took company from manual operations to working with desktops to increase production via AutoCAD. Project Manager responsible for designing and implementing ground-zero manual operations to a network oriented system of operations. Designed infrastructure, accrued equipment and implemented network infrastructure, designed, wrote and implemented Corporate Security Policy for all aspects of security.  Supervised subcontractors for installation of computerized and automated industrial and commercial laundry equipment.  Handled marketing and sales, government bids, proposals, modifications, customer relations, helpdesk, and included reviews of CAD proposals for facility layouts according to Federal specifications, trained new employees.

Professional Contractors In General & Professional Power Wash                             Houston, Texas

Owner                                                                                                                                         June 86’ to Dec 88’

These two separate companies were started almost at the same time.  PCG focused on General Contracting, build-outs, framing, roofing, concrete, sheetrock, tiling, carpentry, etc.  Designed and built secure computer server rooms, POC Labs,  fault tolerant Server Farms. Was a Project Manager for the historical restoration of Houston’s downtown Historical Market Square District (Kiam Building) buildings.  PPW focused on Commercial, Industrial and Residential hydro-blasting.  Functioned in all phases of business ownership; project management, cross training, marketing, government bid etc.  Sold company and most of equipment.


CISSP – (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) – (ISC)2 certified

ISSA – Information Systems Security Association: Membership since 1998 includes various meetings and specialized training for various security related topics for information systems industry.  Have facilitated and participated in ISSA for purposes of certification as CISSP

SANS Institute: Membership since 1997 have attended various seminars, webinars, and training related to GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) for the various domains of security and the recently up and coming NIAL (National Information Assurance Leadership) conference.

Texas Technology Leadership Counsel: Membership since 1991serving a Houston Chapter President, Government Liaison, and both speaking or providing speakers related to security issues for corporate and government enterprises.

Institute for Advanced Global Enterprise Security:  Served as CIO, CISO and Acting CISO in helping to provide leadership in creating a non-profit and non-biased institute in which to research, test and audit various security methods and technologies.  In addition developing a standardized method to insure security professionals and consultants has a solid basis for providing a higher standard in Security audits and services for corporate or Government enterprises.

Additional Experience, Business Impact Analysis, List of Accomplishments, Samples of Projects and Referrals available upon request.

Disclaimer and legal

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