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Allen Vaysberg Resume




Name                Allen Vaysberg

Phone               847-345-5513

Email:               cognosguru@gmail.com

skills summary


§         Excellent BI, CPM, and DW hands on knowledge 

§         Strong Leadership and Management abilities and experience 

§         Excellent experience in Enterprise and Managed reporting environments 

§         Developed integrated OLAP data analysis and reporting platforms.

§         Certified Cognos Educator with over 3000 students taught in ReportNet, Impromptu, and PowerPlay. 

§         Experience in developing courses and presentations, as well as educational materials and handbooks in Data Warehousing, Databases and Information Systems fields.

 Technical summary

Business Intelligence Tools:                                              DBMS:


 Cognos ReportNet 1.1 MR2/MR3 (Framework Mgr,                      MS SQL Server

 Report Studio, Query Studio, Administration)                                DB2 UDB (AIX)

 Cognos 8 (development environment)                                        ORACLE

 Impromptu, IWR                                                                       Access

 Cognos Power Play, PPES, Transformer                                   

 Architect, Cognos Query                                                           

 Access Manager, Upfront                                                         

 Business Objects 5i

 ETL Tools:                                                    

 Cognos DecisionStream    

 Employment History

 August 2005 – Present                                                                                                               

Independent Consultant

Performing Business Intelligence consulting and training projects utilizing Cognos suite of tools:

Insurance Brokerage                                                                                                      09/05 – Present

 o        Supporting reporting application for 6,000 ReportNet users

 o        Advanced ReportNet 1.1 MR2 & MR3 development

 o        Report and model creation and modifications 

 o        Training document creation and user training

 Pharmaceutical Company

o        Impromptu and PowerPlay User and Admin training

May 2005 - August 2005                                                Bradford Group, LTD.

Technical Manager – Business Intelligence


As a manager of the newly formed BI group for a mid-size private B2C corporation, have accomplished and am responsible for the following:  


·         Started a Business Intelligence group with no employees.  Grew to one full time employee.


·         Introduced a new technology that enables the business to have real-time access to information off of many disparate databases and platforms.  This is estimated to save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in IT infrastructure, time and business inefficiencies.  


·         Crafted and suggested a BI Cognos vision that will allow the company to drastically change its business practices, how it views its customers, and develops products


·         Managed multiple projects and  IT resources as well as developed using Cognos ReportNet


·         Created budgets, ROI


·         Presented to executives


Environment: Cognos ReportNet 1.1 MR2, DB2 UDB, AIX, Cognos Series 7 Version 3 (PowerPlay)


2002 – 2005                                                                          Sky Solutions, LLC.  


Sr. Technical Manager


As a part of the Central Region involved in consulting, training and sales activities for a Cognos partner.




·         Business Intelligence Projects


o        Cognos ReportNet, Impromptu, PowerPlay and PowerPlay Enterprise Server project for a Shipping Supplies company


o        Cognos ReportNet and PowerPlay project for a Financial Services firm


o        Cognos ReportNet and PowerPlay rollout for a Pharmaceutical company


o        Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay Web project for a Paper company


o        Many other short term engagements utilizing the Cognos suite of tools.




·         Managing Training Services


o        Strategy


o        Course Delivery


o        Creation and Maintenance of Training Materials


·         Teaching


o        Cognos ReportNet Query Studio, Report Studio and Framework Manager User, Advanced and Admin Classes and Fast Track courses


o        Cognos Impromptu User Classes


o        Cognos Impromptu Advanced User and Admin Classes


o        Cognos PowerPlay User Classes


o        Cognos Transformer Classes


o        Cognos PowerPlay Web Classes


o        Versions 5 – Series 7 Version 2.  


2000 –2002                      i3 Systems, Inc.  (Merged with Sky Solutions, LLC.)


Founder & Sr. Consultant


Founded a Business Intelligence Services company with focus on delivering a complete BI solution. The services include software selection, data staging, solution implementation, customization, training, and support. 


Functioning in a Cognos training capacity involved with the following clients:

§         Cognos trainer for Medical Products firm in MA

§         Cognos trainer for an Insurance firm in  IL

§         Cognos trainer for Pharmaceutical company in IL

§         Cognos trainer for a Financial firm in IL

§         Cognos trainer for a Leasing company in IL

§         Cognos trainer for a Paper Manufacturer  in WI


Functioning in a Cognos technical capacity involved in many projects including the following:


BI Project Lead                  Electronics Manufacturing Firm, Franklin Park, IL

Responsible for initial set up of the Business Intelligence Platform

§         Data extraction and manipulation from CMS (ERP) system

§         Impromptu catalog and report construction and PowerPlay model and cube creation

§         Automation of the entire process for weekly history reporting

§         Training of PowerPlay client to department heads

Environment: Cognos Impromptu 6.0, Cognos PowerPlay 6.6, Cognos Script, MS-Access, DB2, Windows NT


BI Project Lead                  Heavy Machinery Manufacturer, Lake Forrest, IL

Responsible for conversion efforts resulting from the merger of the company

·         Reconstruction of the catalog to fit new system requirements

·         Impromptu Reporting Solution alpha & beta testing, and implementation

·         PowerPlay Cubes redesign and implementation

·         Phase II analysis and project plan

·         Software selection

Environment:  Cognos Impromptu 5.0, Cognos PowerPlay 6.0, Sybase SQL Server, Windows NT 4.0



1999 – 2000                                                                 Cognos Corporation           


Sr. Consultant


As a part of the Professional Services arm of Cognos Corporation was involved in the following projects:


Technical Lead                    Advertising Firm, Chicago, IL


·         Responsible for development of the PowerPlay Cube for P&L reporting

·         Enterprise Security Setup  


·         Restructuring of the models built by PeopleSoft’s Cube Manager  


·         Documentation  


Project Lead                         A Tools Manufacturing Company, Burr Ridge, IL

·         Responsible for the implementation of an End-to-End BI solution

·         Data extraction from SAP 4.6 & construction of 2 BI Marts (Delivery Performance and Inventory Turns)

·         Catalogs and Models Creation

·         Product Web deployment & Enterprise Security implementation

·         Phase II Analysis and Design

Project Lead                         Payroll Software Company, Chicago, IL

·         Responsible for rolling out a PowerPlay Reporting Solution addition to ST/4 HR package

·         Impromptu Catalog optimization

·         Datamart restructuring

·         Creation of 2 Transformer Models.  One for Position Management and one for Non-Position Management

·         Creation of the Cubes

·         Demonstration of the product to the board

Project Lead                          Leasing Company, Chicago, IL

·         Responsible for Phase I Implementation of the Enterprise Business Intelligence solution

·         Data extraction from the SAP R/3 system using Cognos Accelerator for SAP

·         Creation of the Datamart using SQL Server

·         Creation of the catalogs for Financial reporting

·         Creation of Impromptu reports

·         Creation of the Transformer Models and Subsequent Cubes

·         Publishing the reports and cubes to the Web for PowerPlay Enterprise Server and IWR

·         Workshop presentation of the products


·         Instructed user and admin courses in Impromptu and PowerPlay

·         On-site instruction at Abbott Labs, State Farm, US Can, Niles High School District, Covans Labs, Schneider International, Promega


1998 – 1999                                                                                 Océ-USA

 Programmer/Analyst (Jr.DBA)

 In the Océ Decision Support group, worked on a Data Warehouse, performing the following duties:


·         As Cognos Administrator, responsible for the administration of all of the Impromptu reports and PowerPlay cubes.

·         Responsible for life cycle development of new Impromptu reports and PowerPlay cubes.

·         Led user training, support and installations.


SQL Server 6.5

 ·         As a Jr. DBA, performed some administrative duties on two SQL Servers.

 ·         Responsible for full weekly load of the Data Marts.  Information was pulled using FTP from DB2/400 tables on an AS/400 server, then checked for data validity and integrity and BCP’d into the SQL Server tables.

 ·         Created multiple stored procedures to facilitate the loading process and error handling.

 ·         Involved in the completion of Phase I of the company’s Data Warehouse.  Located and designed a fix for a number of extraction problems.

 ·         Participated in the analysis of Phase II.

 ·         Wrote a 200-page documentation of all SQL Server processes.

 Web Development

·         Edited 1010 HTML pages adding meta tags for the company’s web search engine.

 Environment: SQL Server 6.5, SQL Enterprise Mgr., Cognos Impromptu, Cognos PowerPlay Transformer, Cognos PowerPlay, Cognos Scheduler, DB2/AS400, Windows NT 4.0


Education & Certifications


B.A. in Computing Jun ’01

DePaul University , Chicago, IL

DeVry Institute of Technology ‘97-‘99

School of Computer Information Systems


Business Objects 5i Reporting Certification

Business Objects, Saint Louis, MO

Cognos ReportNet 1.1 Certificates (Query Studio, Report Studio, Framework Manager, Admin)

Cognos PowerPlay 6.6 & 7 Certification

Cognos Impromptu 6.0 & 7 Certification

Cognos Impromptu Web Reports 6.0 & 7 Training

Cognos PowerPlay Enterprise Server 6.6 & 7 Training

Cognos SAP Accelerator Training

Cognos Corporation, Schaumburg, IL

·         Certified to work and teach


ITW Training Seminar

Instructional Techniques Workshop, FKA, Chicago

·         Certified Instructor


SQL Server 6.5 Development Course, Dec ‘98

Certificate from Learning Tree, New York


DePaul University ’96 –’97

College of Commerce

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