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Len Laulainen Resume



Mr. Laulainen is a working owner of Euler Solutions and the Euler Training Center.  Mr. Laulainen has programmed, consulted and trained since 1977.





Unix, Linux,  ksh,  bash,  perl, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, awk, C, C++


Sun Microsystem, Linux x86




Instructor and courseware development for the Euler Training Center:


·         Introduction to Unix/Linux                                                            

·         Intermediate Unix and Korn Shell Scripting

·         Intermediate Linux and Bash Shell Scripting

·        Advanced Shell Scripting


·         XHTML and CSS Best practices

·         Introduction to PHP

·         Intermediate PHP

·         Advanced PHP

·         Apache Web Server Administration

·         MySQL Database Administration

·         PostgreSQL Database Administration

·         LAPP Administration

·         LAMP Adminstration


·         Unix System Administration

·        Linux System Administration

·         Ubuntu Desktop Administration

·         Suse Desktop Administration

·         Unix Sendmail Administration

·         Unix Procmail Administration

·         DNS Administration

·         DHCP administration

·         Ssh Administration

·         SAMBA Administration

·         PAM Administration

·         Linux Firewalls with iptables


·         Awk Programming

·         Vi text editor

·         Introduction to C Programming


·         Introduction to Unix for Mac OS X

·         Intermediate Unix and Bash Scripting for Mac OS X



Contract Work


·         On-site instruction through:

·         Global Knowledge

·         TriveraTech

·         ITDC

·         Harley and Associates


·         Partial client list:

·         Target

·         Symantec

·         Capella University

·         Moneygram

·         Siemens

·         Seagate

·         Guidant/Boston Scientific






B.S. - Resource Economics - University of Minnesota

Three years graduate work in Simulation Modeling - University of Minnesota


Disclaimer and legal

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