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Robert Stark






Bob has over twenty years of experience in the information technology industry. His areas of expertise are in software development and project management.  His specialties include Enterprise Systems Management & Automation (ESM&A) for OS/390 and distributed systems.



Technical Skills





IBM ES9000, 309x, Intel x86, RS6000, HP9000, SPARC, VAX 82xx


Operating Systems


Z/OS, OS/390, VM, OS/2, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, SUN-OS, NetWare, VMS








TCP/IP, SNMP, Async communications, GUI design, paging, voice systems



Work Experience



1995-Present                                                                ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.


VP, Professional Services/R&D                                                                                     Pittsburgh, PA



Consulting: Specializing in systems management and automation.  Projects include:


·         Strategic analysis of Operations centers and Help Desks for systems management direction and guidance.


·         Abend management and alert notification systems;


·         Interfaces between automation products and trouble ticketing systems such as Tivoli Problem Management, Service Center, Heat, and others;


·         Outbound and inbound Voice Notification systems;


·         Numerous product upgrades and conversions between products involving Candle AF/Operator, BMC AutoOPERATOR and Control-O, CA-OPS/MVS and Solve: Operations, and IBM NetView and SA/390. 



Training: Author and deliver training classes for automation products (CA-OPS/MVS, CA-Automation Point, BMC-AutoOPERATOR, NetView and SA/390); technologies (OS/390 & Z/OS, UNIX, TCP/IP); and programming languages.



1993- 1995                                                                                                            LEGENT Corporation


Senior Development Advisor                                                                                        Pittsburgh, PA



Researched network management products.  Designed strategy for interfacing LEGENT’s automated operations products to HP’s Operations Center product.  Helped draft LEGENT-HP development partnership agreement.



Developed business and product plans, conducted market research and technical due diligence for LEGENT partnership with Simware for their Netware automation product, RexxWare.



Designed, developed, and documented the interface between LEGENT’s Paradigm Help Desk and Prevail automation products (UNIX, OS/2, written in C).



Managed the development of LEGENT’s GSS product (MVS).



Designed and developed the Automation Point alphanumeric paging interface for (OS/2, written in Visual REXX and C).



Gave numerous product presentations and helped explain technical direction in high visibility sales situations.


Robert Stark (cont’d)



Work Experience (cont’d)



1990 - 1993                                                                                                           LEGENT Corporation


Senior Product Development Manager                                                                         Pittsburgh, PA



Managed the ongoing design and development of the AutoMate product line, including the following products:  AutoMate/MVS, AutoMate/VM, AutoMate/XC, Open Interface, and Remote Console/MVS, as well as add-on products and options.  Managed three development teams, totaling 15 programmers.



Gave numerous presentations:  internal product training, technical and management presentations at trade shows such as LEGENT’s user group, Share, Guide, and customer presentations in key sales situations.



1986 - 1990                                                                                                           LEGENT Corporation


Product Development Manager                                                                                    Pittsburgh, PA



Conceived, designed, developed, documented, and managed the development team for five releases of the AutoMate/MVS product, which earned the ICP “million in one” award its first year on the market.  This product introduced a number of technical innovations to the market, including rules based automated operations and automated VTAM interfaces.  Development of this product required use of the MVS subsystem interface, cross memory services, and thorough understanding of the TSO TMP.



Designed, developed and managed the AutoMate/XC product, with five MS-DOS releases, then supervised its conversion to OS/2.  AutoMate/XC provides outboard automated operations via multiple forms of terminal emulation and is written in C and Intel ASM.



1982 - 1986                                                                                                           LEGENT Corporation


Product Development Analyst                                                                                       Pittsburgh, PA



Developed four releases of the SDSI product, which provides facilities to share MVS datasets between systems.  Development of this product required a thorough understanding of MVS, including writing operating system SVC interrupt routines, EXCP I/O handlers, and use of cross memory services, shared memory, and multitasking.



Provided second level technical support for SDSI and STAM.  Solved hundreds of MVS dumps.






B.S. Computer Science, West Virginia Tech, 1982


Disclaimer and legal

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