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Rafiq Wayani Resume




technical consultant                                                                                    06/86 to present

chicago, illinois                                            

Served as Technical Lead, Project Manager, and Software Developer on a wide variety of projects

  09/01 to Present – Chicago, Illinois design and develop process to create desktop OS and Application images using Wise Install for Windows and Ghost for approximately 200 desktops in a Microsoft Windows NT network environment with Windows NT/2000 desktops

  Allows system administrators and support personnel to quickly and accurately image desktops within minutes

  Approximately 64 individual application images were created and certified using Wise Install

  05/01 – 09/01– Niles, Illinois design and develop process to create desktop OS and Application images using Wise Install for Windows and Ghost for approximately 4000 desktops in a Microsoft Windows Nt/200 network environment with Windows 9x and Windows ME desktops.  Windows 9x desktops were being upgraded to Windows 2000.  Desktop upgrade images had to be created and tested

  11/99 to 04/01, create Universal Contact Management System using Visual Basic 6.0

  Also design and install Windows NT 4.0 network with 30 local workstations and 5 remote users

  Install and configure MS SMS Server to provide inventory and software distribution across Internet

  05/00 to 08/00, designed and developed customized front-end to Platinum ERA accounting system

  Utilized Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, and Erwin/ERX and reverse engineered existing data model

  07/99 to 04/00, designed, tested, and rolled out 6,000 desktops to 400 branches nationwide

  Allowed for user/branch specific applications, status tracking, and remote control

  08/99 to 01/00, created entire networking infrastructure from ground up

  Planned cabling, configured routers, and rolled out over 200 desktops throughout organization

  Developed complex database application tracking information for over 1,000 students per quarter

  Directed team of 16 developers and technicians and met stringent deadline

  Provided ongoing technical support and documentation following project completion

  10/98 to 06/99, implemented rollout of 1,500 desktops over three months

  Allowed user to select appropriate brand and configuration and drop on desktop using Ghost

  06/97 to 09/98, created software distribution method allowing application distribution from anywhere

  Resolved conflicts with existing software and implemented utilities to automate server installations

  12/96 to 06/97, installed Netware 4.10 servers for over 400 workstations, Macintosh and Windows NT

  Installed Cisco routers to communicate with ISP over T-1 lines

  Configured wireless AIRLAN network between two buildings

  07/96 to 11/96, solved connectivity issues with IBM 3270 connection via Netware for SAA gateway

  Helped roll out Winfax/Pro Windows-based fax services via Shiva remote access unit

  Established network connection and remote control capability using NCP and PPP

  06/96 to 09/96, designed and documented Lotus Notes 4.0 application

  Developed sales automation and client tracking application for 200 sales personnel

  Used Project Gateway, communicating with MS Project and providing transparent OLE functions

  06/96 to 08/96, designed client server-based proprietary database for use of various APIs

  Hundreds of APIs designed and written for access to 270 million row/36 data file database

  02/96 to 08/96, implemented and documented FTP site, web server, firewall, and bar-coding technology

  Installed and configured SNA server and RAID 5

  12/95 to 07/96, designed application allowing users to maintain and update data and build reports

  Trained administrative users on Crystal Reports

  12/95 to 06/96, designed and documented all help desk activity for network

  Interviewed and hired qualified help desk staff for multiplatform environment

  Created proper call escalation procedures and applications to ensure optimum call handling

  08/95 to 02/96, built and documented MS SQL Server database on Windows NT operating system

  Installed and administered Lotus Notes Server 3.0 on Novell 4.1 server

  Installed and documented remote access server for sales staff

  04/94 to 10/95, designed application allowing users to scan document images directly

  Allowed searching and sorting of documents and used Optical Character Recognition technology


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