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Hany Greiss Resume




Dr. Greiss is a highly qualified technical software process and development expert with over 25 years in the industry. Equally at home dealing with high level architectural design or hands on complex technical problems, Mr. Greiss’ wide range of knowledge and skill would be invaluable to any software development projects dealing with cutting edge distributed and Internet based technologies. Besides being the consummate software engineer, Mr. Greiss is an accomplished educator and course author dealing primarily in the area of advanced technologies. Also in his capacity as consultant, Dr. Greiss brings practical, real life experience to the courses that he delivers.



LANGUAGE: Bilingual, educated in English and French.







Java, J2EE






Scripting languages

JavaScript ,Tcl, Perl, Python


Unix Shells

csh – C Shell

sh – Bourne Shell

bash – Born-Again Shell

ksh – Korn Shell






MS SQL Server




ISAM gdbm


Web Technologies




Apache Module Devel.

IIS Extensions Devel.


JSP, Servlets


Cold Fusion



IDE/Case Tools

Visual Studio .NET


Rational ROSE


Distributed Technologies



Java RMI


TCP/IP Sockets

.NET Framework




X-Windows, X11, Xt, Motif




Application Servers





Operating Systems

Windows NT/2000/XP


Unix HP, Sun Solaris

Mac OS X





RIM Blackberry

Windows CE/PocketPC

Palm O/S







1990 Ph.D. Elec. Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Quebec

1986 M. Eng Electrical, Concordia University, Montreal

1981 B. Eng Electrical, McGill University, Montreal








Midrange Solutions Architect

November 2005 – May 2006


As a solutions architect for PWGSC, I oversee deployment projects for full 24x7 production applications and propose architectural solutions to prospective clients. The application projects I have overseen include:

·         Modernization of the Solaris 10 Infrastructure

·         Cognos 8 deployment, full 3 tier J2EE, WebSphere/AIX  and Oracle/HP

·         Several other full production 3 tier J2EE applications

I have also worked on more than 20 proposed architectures for new and existing clients of PWGSC.




NetManage Inc.

Director Technical Training

November 2004 – November 2005


NetManage specializes in solutions for integrating, Web enabling, and accessing enterprise information systems. By providing flexibility and speed of deployment, NetManage lets customers maximize investments in existing systems.


Mr. Greiss has been advising on all aspects related to technical training of NetManage products for clients, partners and employees. Responsibilities also include assisting NetManage in the establishment of a technical certification program.


InBusiness Solutions Inc. / BrainHunter

Chief Technology Officer

August 2001 – Oct 2004 (39 months)


Although his responsibilities included high level management, marketing and sales related activities, Mr. Greiss maintained a hands-on technical involvement with the development and support of the Portasphere product. This involvement was a continuation of role Mr. Greis played at Portalsphere before it was acquired by InBusiness.


Additionally he was significantly involved with wireless applications solutions, technical training and several contracts at client sites. Some of these contracts were:


Canada Revenue Agency, April 2004 – January 2005

Subcontracted to Sun Microsystems, Mr. Greiss was the Engagement Technical Lead, responsible for providing a detailed architecture analysis of a major software system and it’s interaction with the existing infrastructure. His mandate was to conduct a thorough review of the J2EE based system and prepare and deliver a technical report to the senior executives of CRA.


National Defence, October 2002 – April 2003

The Department of National Defence required a detailed assessment of the existing server infrastructure within the NCR. Mr. Greiss conducted interviews with the section heads at the major DND IT facilities and produced a detailed review report, with recommendations, which was submitted to the civilian and military executives.


Natural Resources Canada, October 2002 – March 2003

The Department of Natural Resources wished to asses the viability of creating a publication workflow system based on Portalsphere Technology. As Engagement Lead Mr. Greiss was responsible for ensuring the proper use of Portalsphere resources in delivering the solution.


Natural Resources Canada, May 2002 – November 2002

The Department of Natural Resources was seeking a low cost alternative to the Government’s recommended, but expensive, RDIMS document management solution. As engagement lead Mr. Greiss was responsible for the development and trial of a pilot RDIMS alternative based on Portalsphere technology.


RCMP, February 2002 – September 2002

The RCMP had a requirement for a Secure Email solution. This engagement was to enable the RCMP to assess the use of the Portalsphere product and determine if it was capable of meeting their stringent security requirements. As engagement lead Mr. Greiss was responsible for ensuring that all issues, problems and challenges that arose were adequately addressed and thereby ensure a successful trial.


Communications Canada, October 2001 – March 2002

Communications Canada was interested in extracting metrics for the entire Government of Canada websites. The large volumes of data that was collected created a number of technical challenges. Mr. Greiss was responsible for providing technical leadership and support for one of the company’s strategic accounts.


Bell Mobility, September 2001 – July 2004

Mr. Greiss was responsible for establishing a joint partnership between Portalsphere and Bell Mobility to facilitate the sales of the company’s secure email product. Bell Mobility was interested in broadening its reach within the Federal Government and key accounts like the RCMP (where the Portalsphere product had already undergone a number of trials). After resolving a number of technical and business matters,  the partnership between the companies was formalized in February 2004. Additionally, Mr. Greiss designed and implemented, in conjunction with Bell Corporate Security, components within Portalsphere to support a wireless version of the Bell Click and Talk applications.


Significant Sales Related Activities:

·       co-created a Strategic Sales Initiative (SSI), in an effort to help increase sales of Portalsphere based solutions. This resulted in three wins, which incorporated Portalsphere technology within four months of starting the SSI.

·       established a marketing alliance with Bell Mobility to resell the Portalsphere wireless solutions and worked with several carriers including: Rogers, Cingular, T-Mobile and others to form additional non-exclusive alliances.




Chief Technology Officer & Chief Technical Architect

June 1993 – July 2001 (98 months)


Mr. Greis was the founder of PEAC which provided advance technical training and consulting services. The business eventually employed 20 people full-time and had revenues of $3 Million/year. PEAC was renamed to Portalsphere upon completion of the mobile platform product and switched to a product-based operation. Portalsphere was sold to InBusiness Solutions on August 2001.


During the evolution of PEAC, Mr. Greiss architected, designed and wrote the majority of what became the Portalsphere Application Server. The product was eventually introduced to several Fortune 500 companies including; Alcatel, Bell Mobility, and the government of Canada.


The Portalsphere Application Server, is a distributed object-oriented high-performance applications server which includes support for wireless mobile devices as well as for SOAP clients and extended XML support. Both UNIX and Windows 2000 versions of the product were developed and deployed.


The Portalsphere Application Server was designed as a turnkey software middleware solution, responsible for the gathering, filtering and dissemination of information in a safe, effective and secure manner from a variety of sources including:

·       all major relational database management systems, via  native call interfaces and/or ODBC,

·       XML formatted documents,

·       LDAP access to information stored on an LDAP Server,

·       hierarchical file and document systems, including UNIX file systems, networked file systems (NFS) and Novell file systems,

·       legacy applications, including UNIX terminal based applications, IBM VM and/or MVS 3270 based applications,

·       customized access to non-traditional data sources, via the customization features of the product


The PortalSphere Application Server unobtrusively sits within a TCP/IP based network within an organizations networking infrastructure, as a peer host system. It is also includes an Administration and Monitoring Facility for easy setup and administration, full-fledged session/user monitoring, and session tracing.


Scripting engines were developed for all of the most popular scripting languages.  This allowed creation of Business Rules objects that could share data and status information. The object orientated design also allowed; the reuse of the business rules objects, the quick integration of new requirements, and provided a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment.


One of the unique features of product was its support for multiple client interfaces including: browser based clients, thick clients and wireless access clients.  Applications developed using the PortalSphere Application Server can be accessed from multiple client tools using a variety of access protocols.


Mr. Greiss also architected and implemented wireless applications for the RIM J2ME-based Blackberry devices as well as the Nokia Symbian based series 60 phones. These applications included a secure wireless IMAP based e-mail client, a real-time stock quote retrieval system and a database query client used to provide wireless CRM access to SalesLogix.


After extensive researched into the addition of security primitives within the application server, Mr. Greiss architected and designed support for a variety of private key block ciphers, public key ciphers, hashes and message digests, random number generators and X509 certificate management objects. He also added high-level scripting wrappers to facilitate the use of the primitives.


In addition he implemented:

·       support for native access to a variety of RDBMS systems including Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, MySQL and PostgresSQL;

·       support for LDAP;

·       several scripting engines such as Tcl, Perl, Python and server-side JavaScript;

·       an embedded Java Virtual Machine, thereby directly supporting Java clients.


The development environment for the PortalSphere product included UNIX, LINUX, Windows NT, Windows 2000, CORBA, COM/DCOM, SOAP, HTML, JavaScript, Java, C++/C, Tcl, Perl, Python, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, Postgres, GDBM, Macromedia Shockwave, Flash, Rational ROSE/UML/Booch/OMT, Entrust, Verisign.


As Chief Architect and CTO, Dr. Griess was responsible for selecting tools and methodologies, implementation and ensuring compliance with corporate:

·       configuration management policies

·       quality assurance systems

·       CASE tools and environments

·       Software test plans and methodologies

·       Object orientated technologies and architectures


Mr. Greiss’ software development expertise in the areas of computing languages, methodology and distributed processing is reflected in both the Portalsphere platform and over 300 training assignments to companies such as; Newbridge, Pratt and Whitney, Nortel, HP amongst others. A sample of these can be viewed in any of the 60 videotapes produced and distributed by Keystone Learning Systems.


While at PortalShere, Mr. Greiss also completed many client contracts. Some of these were:


NRC Workflow, Oct 2002 - April 2003

Chief Architect of a Document Workflow Application based on the Portalsphere Application Server.


NetManage/  Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of South Carolina, 2002

Conducted a technical review of a large Java application for NetManage's client, BCBS. 2002

Alberta Treasury Branches, February 1999 – October 2004

Mr. Greiss was the Systems Architect and led a team that developed the ATB on-line system used for ATB’s corporate clients. A variety of technologies were used including, Macromedia Shockwave for the browser portion, Salvo as the middleware and a number of backend data services.


Alcatel, Several Projects Spanning 1999 - 2004

Alcatel needed to deliver sensitive business case analysis tools, to its sales force, to facilitate the demonstration the ROI, of Alcatel products, to potential clients. As the engagement lead Mr. Greiss was responsible for making sure the technical team delivered the proposed solutions. Mr. Greiss architected an Internet based business case tool. A variety of technologies were used in the development including, Macromedia Shockwave, PortalSphere Application server, CORBA and C++.


Pratt & Whitney, 1998-1999 (9 months)

X-Windows based project to develop an easy to use GUI interface for various command line programs that were difficult for the design engineers to employ.


Sable Island Project, June 1994 – August 1995

Mr. Greiss was the lead Systems Architect for the development of an intranet solution using various technologies including Java. The client required a software infrastructure that would allow the sharing of documents between the various centers of operations. Although this was still the early days of Internet development and many of the tools and software needed had to be written from scratch; the corporate intranet was successfully launched in 1995. The Environment included: SALVO, C, C++, Java, Netscape


SimWare CitiBank Project 1994-1995  

Mr. Greiss developed custom components for SimWare and the CitiBank mainframe client server banking application.


Telesat Cue & Control Real-Time System, January 1992 – November 1992

Mr. Greiss was hired to help architect a VAX/VMS based real-time cue & control satellite system on behalf of Telesat’s client, the CBC. The development was carried out using a cluster of VAX/VMS based and UNIX servers with all code written entirely in C. The central piece of software written by Mr. Greiss was the simulator executive that coordinated the real-time scheduling of all the critical tasks. The environment included: VAX/VMS, UNIX, X-Windows, C, Oracle


Harris Corporation

Senior Real-Time Systems Analyst

May 1988 – May 1993 (61 months)


As part of the Canadian sales team, Mr. Greiss was responsible for benchmarking and porting of applications to the Harris Night Hawk real-time computer systems. Mr. Greiss served as technical specialist and applications trouble shooter for various Harris clients throughout North America and provided expert level support for UNIX and C.


As a senior systems analyst, Mr. Greiss was responsible for benchmarking and optimizing complex software systems. Using both commercial and customized tools, Mr. Greiss was responsible for generating software metrics, the identification of software hotspots, and recommendations for improvement.


Cray Research       

Senior Systems Analyst

May 1987 – April 1988 (12 months)


In support of corporate activities within Canada, Mr. Greiss analyzed, benchmarked and modified the performance of a variety of applications and then ported them to the Cray platforms. To exploit the performance advantages of the Cray platform, the existing software was tuned using a variety of techniques (such as identifying segments of code that could exploit the vector processing hardware features and multiple processors).



Dynamic Sciences Ltd

Systems Software Specialist & Architect

January 1986 – April 1987(16 months)


Mr. Greiss designed and developed the systems software support infrastructure for the implementation of a train simulator. Building on the experience gained at CAE, Mr. Greiss had the opportunity at DSL to implement, from scratch, the necessary facilities upon which the application engineers could run the software models.


CAE Electronics Ltd.

Systems Engineer

June 1981 – December 1985 (52 months)


Mr. Greiss led a team of real-time software developers, which provided the systems software support for the flight and power plant simulators. He gained extensive experience in real-time systems development.

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